Why blockchain technology?

In an increasingly digital and globalized world, the need for and ability to collaborate between individuals, organizations, and countries remains as high as ever. Numerous industries have already undergone significant change and many more are expected to follow this disruptive trajectory over the coming years.

Blockchain ledgers are expected to play a profound role in shaping the infrastructure of tomorrow and blockchain solutions have already been a great center of attention for industries like finance, security, health-care, and governance.

At the Blockchain Association of Uganda, we are convinced that this wave of disruption is unavoidable; in fact, it is desirable. As we start leveraging the revolutionary technologies of the 21st century, we can embrace and test their powerful implications, and ultimately, solve some of the grandest challenges facing humanity especially in Africa.

Blockchain technology may potentially find use in areas as diverse as economy, cultural development, education and within our democratic structures. The exact values and applications of blockchain technology are endless.

We as Blockchain association of Uganda want to leverage on this diversity technology to improve the economy of Africa.